Autumn 2018
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Let’s shape the future of Connected Data Visualization

About CDVC

As the volume of complex data we collect and track increases, the challenge to find insight gets harder.

The CDVC is a group of industry-leading organizations that use visualization tools to find unusual behaviours in complex connected data. We create innovative technologies that:

  • Investigate criminal activity
  • Uncover unusual financial transactions
  • Analyze IT or telecommunications network traffic or dependencies
  • Track the source and spread of cyber threats

Why join the CDVC?

  • You’ll help your organization maximize its return on investment in connected data visualization technologies.
  • You’ll get to meet other industry-leaders twice a year to share experiences and best practice, and discuss emerging data visualization trends.
  • There’ll be member-led presentations from industry peers, and workshops to inspire and share lessons learned.
  • You’ll get access to an annual report on the state of connected visualization in the marketplace.

Our next meeting will be held during the second half of 2018, at a European venue to be confirmed.

The future of connected data visualization

Our members push the boundaries of connected data visualization. We can pool expertise and experience to make advances in key areas:

Designing experiences to help users make visualization part of their daily routine.
  • Design effective workflows
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Get user uptake
  • Encourage interactivity
How to make the right data available, to the right people, at the right time.
  • Sources of graph data
  • Data federation and enrichment
  • Managing hairball data sets
  • Reducing chart clutter
What will the next generation of connected data visualization applications look like?
  • Share experience and best practice
  • Explore the limitations of visualization
  • Understand the state of data visualization
  • Create a vision of the future


The CDVC is a new group of organizations that lead the way in connected data visualization. We’ll work together to shape the future of connected data visualization and influence the next generation of tools.

As a group, we’ll explore ways to help you maximize your return on investment in connected data visualization technology. It’s an opportunity for you to share your expertise, and learn something new from your peers.

We want a variety of industries and visualization use cases to take part, including law enforcement, intelligence, anti-fraud, cybersecurity, IT and telecommunications network management, supply chain management and more.

We’d also welcome attendees from different backgrounds – you might be a Product Manager, Product Director or UX engineer responsible for delivering a great interactive visualization experience to your end users; a KeyLines developer; or an analyst who uses connected data visualizations as part of your day job. The important thing is that you’re excited about this technology and motivated to play a role in its ongoing development.

The meetings will be technical but not software code-heavy. We want to stay focused on end user needs and designs of high-level functionality.

When you register, we’ll send you a quick survey to understand which topics you’d find most useful. The agenda will be designed based on the results, but may include:

Managing multiple data sources
Creating effective user workflows
New approaches to connected data visualization
Designing an outstanding user experience
There’ll also be member presentations and time for informal networking. You can take a look at the agenda of our London 2017 meeting for some idea of the day’s timings.

No, the CDVC is exclusively for organizations invited by Cambridge Intelligence. If it’s something your organization is keen to get involved in, contact us.

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Connected Data Visualization Consortium, 6-8 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1JP
+44 (0)1223 362000

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